Episode 0 - Welcome!

This is Episode 0. A sort of pre-show introduction. In this non-episode, I lay out for you my goals for this podcast and hint at some of the topics to come. With a pre-episode this good, you KNOW episode 1 is gonna be epic!

Show Notes:

  • Introduction
  • Main goal of podcast
  • A brief synopsis of my history
  • Closing

Episode 1 - Let's Talk Depression

In the inaugural episode of This Is Josh, I dive right into how I'm dealing with depression, where the seeds were planted, how I let it grow out of control, how I tried to cope and what I'm doing today to fight and stay healthy mentally.

Overtime - Pete Davidson

In this overtime episode, I talk about Pete Davidson's recent Instagram post suggesting that he may be contemplating suicide. In dealing with depression, I know the feeling of wanting to be at peace and death feeling like an escape. For those of you out there that feel as though you would be better off gone from this world, know that there is hope and there is help available.