Episode 2 - Mother?

In this episode of This Is Josh, I talk about my mom; why I didn't grow up with her, how our relationship crashed and burned, how I thought I'd never speak to her again and what it took to reset and start over.

Episode 3 - The Elephant In The Room

In this episode, I talk about the subject that I've been so uncomfortable talking about for so long. My weight. This has been a sore spot for me for a large portion of my life and, prior to starting this journey, I never properly dealt with where my weight issues stem from and never did any work to try and resolve my demons. This episode brings everything out into the light.

Overtime - Going Into 2019 Fighting

A quick check in before the ball drops here in L.A. 2018 launched me into a world of understanding and enlightenment. Now here at the very end of 2018, a few potential problems have risen in my personal life that I'll need to carry into 2019. The difference between where I was a year ago and now is that I'm going into 2019 fighting. I refuse to let bullshit drop me into a pit of depression and make me not want to be on this earth. We all have to fight. Let's go into 2019 swingin'!