Episode 4 - Responsibility

In this, the last episode recorded in 2018 and the last in my old style, I talk about taking responsibility for your happiness and contentment. We all have had, at one time or another, some person/people in our lives that drive us insane because we treat them better than they treat us. This imbalance causes us to question why the person doesn't see that their treatment of us is hurtful. This episode should help you get a firm grip on those types of people.

Episode 5 - Contractual Gay Episode

I rant against the idea of doing a "this is how I realized I was gay" episode. I talk about Kevin Heart, free speech and even drop some "N" bombs because you have to when you talk about Richard Pryor... which I do.

Episode 6 - Toxic Masculinity

In this LATE episode, I talk about the Gillette commercial that sparked a new flame in the discussion about some men in our society that are just the worst.