Welcome To My Life!

Ok, so first thing's first. Yes, the pic on the main page is me wearing a Lace Front wig and yes I look DAMN sexy with it! I chose that selfie as my greeting to you because I took that photo on a day when I was feeling absolutely terrible about myself. I battle with depression, and on that day, it was laying me low. When that happens, I can hardly look in the mirror without the part of my mind that has gotten so good at ridiculing me reminding me that I'm "fat, ugly and worthless". The day of my wig selfie was different, however. While I could feel the despair that depression brings enveloping me, I forced myself to see "me" in a new perspective.

I've done a bunch of comedy vids in the past so I have a crap ton of wigs handing in the closet (high heels too, I always played women for some reason). Grabbing my longest and most lush of wigs, I pulled it on and snapped away. The pics I ended up with made me look at my face in a different way. For the first time in a LONG time, I saw how handsome I was. I saw what my partner sees when he looks at me. At that moment, I was able to step out of the loop of my usual negative thoughts and change how I saw myself. Putting on that wig pushed back my depression episode and let me catch my breath. I learned a valuable lesson that day. When I'm in the throws, force myself to find a way to reset my perspective on things.

Nothing But Real Talk

This podcast is all about getting to a better mental health state. I'm dealing with depression, negative body issues, low self-esteem, you name it. This is a journey of self-exploration by getting to the core of why I'm in my current state and figuring out what I need to take responsibility for in order to be not only happy but content with life. Everything is on the table and I've got SO MUCH to share with you. Let's talk!